Sunday, November 24, 2013

Black Friday Extreme Coupon Madness

Black Friday is that one day a year where  people buy things they don't need, while diving further into debt. I've never done this tradition but I have been dragged along by family members to hold the cart.

This year things have changed. I discovered the old show Extreme Couponing that went from TLC to Netflix. Upon my discovery I realized, "Why aren't I doing this?" Now that I have become a Coupon Diva I would like to fill you in on my little secret. is a site devoted to making Couponing easy, less time consuming, and fun. 

This week they've featured posts showing where you can get free to cheap items for Black Friday. No, not just your flat screens and such, things you actually really need. 

My list is just beginning, but I can tell you that I do need detergent, body soap, food that I will donate to the church and other practical household items. 

Don't get me wrong, I do have to buy gifts. Only a select few receive slightly elaborate gifts. My list always includes printing pictures of my friends and family with me and placing it in a frame.  Practical and thoughtful. 

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Scroll to 15 mins and enjoy more tips for Black Friday and Extreme Couponing!

Gotta a crazy Black Friday or Couponing story? 

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