Friday, January 23, 2015

New Year, New Me!

Happy New Year Everybody! I know it's like the last week of January and that line is played out. Who cares? I'm rolling with the punches until February.

Anyway, I'm jazzed about this year. I have two major events happening and I just landed a new job!

So what are those two major events? I'm turning 30 this year and getting Married! I would have to say these two major events go hand in hand. One without the other could be tragic. #Terrible #PerfectSetUp

I honestly think if I wasn't getting married I would be hating the fact that I'm turning the big 3-0, but I'm not. I'm embracing this transition with pride. Although... I could cry on my bday. Hey, it's my party and I can cry if I want too.

My goal is to loose 30 lbs for my birthday and then maintain it for my wedding. #FitFor30 Can I do it? Tweet me some encouragement,  I love motivation. To reach my goal I started calorie counting on the MyFitnessPal app on my Iphone. Paired with eating healthy, I have also become a yoga freak. Did you know that yoga only burns around 300 calories. Bummer. It's cool though, I just have to implement my cardio on the side with more outdoor activities or the gym on rainy days. I can do it! Right? Just tweet me to keep me on track. 

After quitting my job with DIRECTION to become a TV producer. I landed a gig Associate Producing gig for a TV Show airing on BET. Working with creative people with epic backgrounds in entertainment makes getting up everyday a blast. I love creating.

I'm also charging ahead with my other brands. Season 4 of +TheSayWhatWebShow is coming soon. Also I +Celebrity Charity Couponing will continue to show my philanthropy side. Lastly my side venture of +Session Edits will continue to help actors, host and entertainers to have clean websites and reels.

My message to you would be to follow your dreams with a plan of action. Be persistent and make sure to manifest as well as shout it from the rooftops. It takes time to get what you want. It feels like THIS is going to be my year to start this new chapter with bang. I found this great quote that made me understand that the past 6 months of struggle.

What are your goals for this year? I would love to help support you in following your dreams.

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