Hi I'm Starr Session and I am a southern girl who loves to travel and live in a big city. ...and yes that is my real name!

I've been very lucky to live up to my name while hosting web show's with my opinions stamped on them, doing fun teen and youthful voices for different products, and acting like a loving mom in a commercial where I needed a loan. Truly a star.

Although I am fearless when it comes to adventure and trying things at least once, I had to grow up quick and became independent at the young age of 15. I pushed to chase the dream of being in entertainment, and here I am.

I see myself personified as a role model, who is kind, inspirational and giving. 

Working for Pandora Radio and outlets like allows me to work in many facets of the Voiceover industry. You might also recognize my voice from the Teen Choice Live Tour. I am proud to say that I have trained at Kalmenson & Kalmenson, Aliso Creek and have studied all fields of voiceover work including commercial, animation, and looping/ADR.

Although I look like a teen, I am a seasoned host who has trained with Marki Costello, Maureen Brown, Suzanne Senna, and am able to tackle game shows, red carpets, and news reports. I've also host for sites like theStream.tvAfterbuzz, Danceplug and Blacktree.Tv. If you want to know about pop culture, young hollywood, dance, social media, or even what life is like as TV Producer, I have you covered!

Take this journey with me as I continue to live up to my name in Budapest, Hungary. 

Check out my latest adventure as the Black Girl In Budapest.